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Interesting places

Shortcuts to the True Trail


Lyderhorn (396 m.a.s.l. - 1,299 ft.)
Photo by Foggy Glasses (20 August 2015)
Conquered by BH3 on runs #143 #600 #1063 #1509 #1625

Lyderhorn is the westernmost of the seven City Mountains. It has a characteristic shape and has long been used as a navigational mark for vessels sailing along the coast off Bergen. In the middle Ages it was also one of the places in Norway where witches would gather on Walpurgisnacht and Midsummer Eve.

Among the trails leading to the summit, perhaps the easiest (and certainly the longest) trail starts at NUTEC and leads through the abandoned costal fortress at Kvarven. The other six City Mountains are all visible from Lyderhorn, and on clear days it is possible to see oil installations far out in the North Sea, as are the mountains and glacier Folgefonnen in Hardanger to the east.

Fly over Lyderhorn using Google Earth

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