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Privacy policy

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This web site does not use cookies.

Credit card/financial information

Bank transfer, PayPal or Vipps (in Norway only), are used to pay for Killer Hill weekends, runs and haberdashery. No credit card or financial information is collected, stored or used on this site.

IP address logging

In addition to the service provider's logging, RevolverMaps (displayed on the home page) and Google Analytics are used to log IP addresses. IP addresses are stored for one month only except IP addresses of hackers and spammers, which are permanently stored and blocked.

Killer Hill

Hashers who register for Killer Hill, our main yearly event, are asked to supply names and e-mail addresses in addition to hash names and home kennels. By registering, hashers agree to the registration data being stored and exclusively used for purposes in direct connection with the Killer Hill event. We do not accept registrations without this consent.


If you join us on a run, you might be caught on camera and the resulting picture displayed on our web pages or Facebook group. Pictures from our main event are usually made available to the participants before going public, so participants can request the removal of picture(s) of themselves or pixillation in the case of group photos.

Sharing information

No personal information is shared from the BH3 web site. If hashers requests contact information for someone they met on a BH3 run, the owner of the information will be informed and decide whether to share the requested information or not. This also applies to photos.


If you participate on our runs, your hash name is recorded and displayed on the statistics page. BH3 hashers' contact information might be recorded but never displayed on any web page.

General Data Protection Regulation

This web site (tries to) adhere to guidelines set out in the GDPR. In this connection, any comments etc. can be forward to the Web Master.

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