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Run information

Run: 1124
Date: 23 April 2014
Weather: Fine
Destination: Revuren
Trash: Exists!
Runners: 19 (supported by 4 pooches)
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Little Oral Mary Little Oral Mary BH3Member 

Foggy Glasses Foggy Glasses BH3Member 
Abominator Abominator BH3Member 
Dr Butt Dr Butt BH3Member 
Flasher Flasher BH3Member 
Deep Throat Deep Throat BH3Member 
Yogi Yogi BH3Member 
Comes Every Time Comes Every Time BH3Member 
Bubba Bubba BH3Member 
Camp Toilet Camp Toilet BH3Member 
Trudger Trudger BH3Member 
Doggy Style Doggy Style BH3Member 
Hara Kari Hara Kari BH3Member 
Guinea Pig Guinea Pig BH3Member 
Twin Pricks Twin Pricks BH3Lazy member 
Check Me Out Check Me Out BH3Member 
Chickensh*t Chickensh*t Mearns H4Visitor 
Just John Just JohnGuest 
Little White Bus Little White Bus Oslo H3Visitor 
Beer Hound Beer Hound BH3Member 
Cock Stopper Cock Stopper BH3Member 
Just Ringo Just RingoGuest 
Just King Just KingGuest 

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