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Run information

Run: 1218
Date: 13 September 2015
Weather: Light rain
Happening: 6th Kjepso Hash - Hangover run
Destination: Ålvik
Runners: 13 (supported by 7 pooches)
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Just Elisabeth Just Elisabeth BH3Lazy member 

Foggy Glasses Foggy Glasses BH3Member 
Camp Toilet Camp Toilet BH3Member 
Little Oral Mary Little Oral Mary BH3Member 
Trudger Trudger BH3Member 
Muff Diver Muff Diver BH3Member 
Hara Kari Hara Kari BH3Member 
Guinea Pig Guinea Pig BH3Member 
Bambi Bambi BH3Member 
Teacher's Pet Teacher's Pet BH3Member 
Lusty Capper Lusty Capper BH3Member 
Bendover Bendover AH3Visitor 
Just Berit Just BeritGuest 
Beer Hound Beer Hound BH3Lazy member 
Cock Stopper Cock Stopper BH3Lazy member 
Just Vilja Just ViljaGuest 
Just Laps Just LapsGuest 
Just Heidi Just HeidiGuest 
Just Winston Just WinstonGuest 
Just Sigurd Just SigurdGuest 

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