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Run information

Run: 422
Date: 20 August 2003
Weather: Rain
Destination: Fanafjellet
Runners: 19
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Little Oral Mary Little Oral Mary BH3Lazy member 
Just Amalie Just AmalieGuest 

Abominator Abominator BH3Member 
Foggy Glasses Foggy Glasses BH3Member 
Dr Butt Dr Butt BH3Member 
Backtracker Backtracker BH3Member 
Dog Handler Dog Handler BH3Lazy member 
Bubba Bubba BH3Member 
Flasher Flasher BH3Member 
Golden Clipper Golden Clipper BH3Member 
More For Less More For Less BH3Member 
Comes Every Time Comes Every Time BH3Member 
Just Pål Just Pål BH3Member 
Just Stein Are Just Stein AreGuest 
Balloon Balls Balloon Balls DCH3Visitor 
Just Helen Just HelenGuest 
Gorgeous Pussy Gorgeous Pussy Cairo H3Visitor 
Just Jorge Just JorgeGuest 
Whine Stopper Whine StopperGuest 

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